Anti Virus – Avast

We can provide sophisticated online security for everyday protection and beyond. We have selected Avast as our recommended Anti Virus provider.


It’s critical to assess and understand your firewall performance and vulnerabilities. Using artificial intelligence and integrations, our firewall audit quickly and effectively finds issues within your firewall.

Dark Web Monitoring

Unfortunately, usernames and passwords are still the most common method for logging onto services including corporate networks, social media sites, e-commerce sites and others. Our Dark Web Monitoring service can notify you immediately to new compromises.

Pen Testing

Penetration testing (or ethical hacking) simulates hacking attempts on networks, websites and applications, in order to discover any security loop-holes that a real hacker could exploit.

Password Manager – LastPass

From authentication to access to passwords, LastPass manages every entry point to your business so you can mitigate risk while improving employee productivity. Just remember your master password and LastPass remembers the rest.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Your employees are your first and primary line of defence against online crime. Equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves – and your business – from criminal elements.